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Design Optimization

Design Optimization

John Gero


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Design Optimization deals with the application of the ideas of optimization to design, taking as its central theme the notion that design can be treated as a goal-seeking, decision-making activity. Emphasis is on design optimization rather than on optimization techniques.
This book consists of nine chapters, each focusing on a particular class of design optimization and demonstrating how design optimization problems are formulated and solved. The applications range from architecture and structural engineering to mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, building design and layout, and siting policy. The first five chapters are all concerned with design problems where it is convenient to express the goals in a single objective or criterion to be optimized. In particular, optimal space planning and shape optimization of structures are discussed, along with approximation concepts for optimum structural design; application of nonlinear programming to design; and generalized Steiner network problems in engineering design. The last four chapters focus on multicriteria programming; multicriteria optimization for engineering and architectural design; and a system for integrated optimal design.
This monograph will be of interest to designers and others concerned with the use of optimization concepts and tools in design optimization.