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Multiphoton lonization of Atoms

Multiphoton lonization of Atoms

S.L. Chin


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Multiphoton lonization of Atoms provides a pedagogical review of the whole subfield of multiphoton ionization of atoms.
This book discusses the “normal” multiphoton ionization of atoms; calculation of resonant multiphoton processes; and angular distribution of photoelectrons and light polarization effects in multiphoton ionization of atoms. The multiphoton ionization involving continuum-continuum transitions; creation of doubly charged strontium ions; and many-electron processes in nonlinear ionization of atoms are also elaborated.
Other topics include the non-resonant multiphoton ionization of atoms; above-threshold ionization theory; autoionizing states in multiphoton transitions; and specific features of the spectra of alkaline-earth atoms.
This publication is beneficial to physics students and researchers conducting work on the multiple ionization of atoms.