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Animal Products in Human Nutrition

Animal Products in Human Nutrition

Donald Beitz


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Animal Products in Human Nutrition evaluates the contributions of food derived from animals to a balanced diet.
The individual chapters in this book are organized into two major sections. The first section begins with a history of the use of animal-derived foods from the early ages of mankind, followed by a treatise of economic and resource costs of animal foods, including use of industrial and agricultural by-products and fish. Trends in the changes in the composition of American diets and the metabolism and disposition of common environmental toxins within animal tissues are also included in this section. The second section details the essential nutrients provided by animal products, as well as the possible effects of consumption of animal products on the development of hypertension, milk intolerance, infections from food-borne bacteria, cancer, and atherosclerosis.
This book will be useful to agricultural scientists, journalists, professionals that deal with human nutrition, and human nutritionists and dietitians.