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The Eye Pt IA

The Eye Pt IA

Hugh Davson


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The Eye, 3rd Edition, Volume lA: Vegetative Physiology and Biochemistry is devoted to the vegetative physiology and biochemistry of the eye. The book reviews significant progress in the anatomy of the eye and its physiological and biochemical aspects, particularly the structure of the tissues concerning the ocular fluid, the flow of aqueous humor, measurement of the intraocular pressure, and the macromolecular composition of the vitreus.
This edition is organized into four chapters and begins with an overview of the anatomy of the human eye, paying particular attention to the orbit and adnexa, the eyeball, and motor and supporting apparatus of the eye. The reader is then introduced to the formation of ocular fluid, the structures in immediate contact with it in the ciliary body, and the anatomical aspects of the vascular circulation in the ciliary body. An account of the chemistry of the aqueous humor and factors affecting the intraocular pressure is also given. The book concludes by discussing the structure and function of the vitreus, focusing on the gel vitreus and liquid vitreus, as well as the rheological state and concentration of collagen, NaHA and proteins in the vitreus of various species from humans to frogs.
This book is of interest to students and researchers in fields ranging from ocular science to physiology and biochemistry.