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Neural Integration and Behavior

Neural Integration and Behavior

D.C. Sandeman


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Neural Integration and Behavior examines the best neuroethologically researched systems in crustaceans. Research on these systems varies, with emphasis placed on physiological or behavioral aspects. The book places less emphasis on behavior and more on the interactions between neural elements. It presents information gathered from each system and its contribution to the nervous system.
This volume provides a review of the ground won by neuroethologists in their study of crustaceans. It heralds a new and significant step in bridging the gap between the physiologists and the ethologists, namely, the search for neural mechanisms that underlie variability—the essence of animal behavior. The discussion gives different insights on various aspects of crustacean biology.
This book is a valuable source for zoologists, paleontologists, ecologists, physiologists, endocrinologists, morphologists, pathologists, and fisheries biologists, and an essential reference work for institutional libraries.