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Enzyme Immunodiagnosis

Enzyme Immunodiagnosis

Edouard Kurstak


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Enzyme Immunodiagnosis focuses on the applications of enzyme immunodiagnosis procedures to the detection of drugs, infectious disease pathogens, and antigens in cancer pathology.
This book discusses the use of immunoassays in vaccine assessment and standardization, including the application of commercial enzyme immunoassays (EIA) kits, automation of assays, and interpretation of results obtained with both serological and immunohistochemical methods. The developments in immunoblotting applications to diagnosis and research and use of polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies in enzyme immunodiagnosis are also reviewed.
This book is beneficial to students and specialists conducting work on immunoenzymatic technology, as well as those involved in research, development, teaching, and diagnosis in fields in immunoassays.