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Learning to be Honest, Kind and Friendly

Learning to be Honest, Kind and Friendly

Karen Brunskill


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Includes CD-Rom. The four books in the series provide a whole-school, value-based programme for young people from five to 12 years of age. They help to create well-being and resilience in students by introducing and developing a range of values and behaviours that will assist with social and emotional health. The series is well differentiated for the target age group and each volume provides guidance on how to use the materials, links to curriculum areas and comprehensive teacher notes on each theme. The themes are based around stories which will engage young people and these are accompanied by worksheets and follow-up activities. The books can be used individually or together as a complete programme to promote pro-social values. All the books will help young people to: o have a sense of belonging. o identify their talents. o develop proactive problem-solving. o enhance positive social orientation. o Encourage an optimistic sense of fun. CD-ROM Logo.

Table of Contents

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Preface by Michael Edwards
Introduction by Frank Judd
1. MARTIN GARNER, teaching in Sarawak, 1958-60
2. CHRISTOPHER TIPPLE, teaching in Ghana,1958-9
3. JOE OGDEN, teaching in Sietta Leone, 1966-7
4. IVY HILL, a librarian in Zambia (and Ghana), 1966-71
5. GEORGE HORN, leprosy control in Ethiopia, 1968-70
6. BOB SARGEANT, farming in Papua New Guinea, 1969-72
7. JOHN WliELP'I'ON, teaching in Nepal, 1972-4 52
8. CHARLES and KATRINA McGHEE, publishing in Papua New Guinea, 1977-9
9. TESS PICKFORD, journalist in the Solomon Islands, 1977-9
10. WENDY and JEAN-PIERRE RICHARD, teaching in Zanzibar, 1977-9
11. EWEN and ANNE MACASKILL, broadcasting in Papua New Guinea, 1978-9
12. FELICITY BREET, teaching in northern Nigeria, 1978-80
13. PAUL HITCHMAN, agriculture in Sri Lanka, 1978-81
14. PETER BRANNEY, forestry in Vanuatu, 1979-81
15. BETIY FORSHAW, a librarian in Tuvalu, 1979-81
16. IAN RILEY, irrigation in Bhutan, 1980
17. IONA GORDON, communications in Zambia,1980-83
18. COLIN GREIG, building materials in the Sudan, 1981-3
19. REBECCA SCOTI, health worker, Bangladesh, 1981-3
20. JULIE BARTROP, teaching in Kenya, 1981
21. PETER HALSTEAD, doctor in Papua New Guinea, 1981
22. LINDA MANNING, nurse/midwife in Papua New Guinea, 1981
23. JILL and HENRY NEUSINGER, farming in Sri Lanka, 1981
24. GILLIAN RADCLIFFE, national park administration, Sarawak 1981
25. ANNA SZUMINSKA, teaching retarded children, Sarawak, 1981
26. PAUL UNWIN, technical officer in Papua New Guinea, 1982