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The Intranet Management Handbook

The Intranet Management Handbook

Martin White


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Rarely does the organization have more than one intranet manager, and intranet management is often only one of their many responsibilities. There are very few intranet conferences around the world, and only recently have intranet communities of practice been established in Europe. Universities and colleges do not offer courses in intranet management, and there is little in the way of continuous professional development support. It is also very difficult to obtain access to intranets in other organizations. Despite the widespread implementation of intranets over the last few years there is virtually no professional literature available on intranet management to which to turn for ideas and examples of good practice. This book fills that gap, offering a wealth of practical advice on intranet management, based on the work of the author as an intranet consultant over the past fifteen years. It includes areas such as: managing intranets - opportunities and challenges; defining user requirements; making a business case; developing a content strategy; enhancing collaboration; managing technology; specifying and selecting software; using Microsoft SharePoint for intranets; operational planning; establishing the intranet team; managing intranet projects; evaluating risks; enhancing the user experience; marketing the intranet; measuring user satisfaction; creating the governance framework; writing an intranet strategy; and, intranets and information management. An appendix offers guidelines for social media use. At the end of each chapter there is a short list of websites and other resources that provide additional commentary and insight on the topics that have been covered. These resources can also be found at our associated website, where new and revised resources will also be listed. This book offers invaluable guidance to all information professionals involved in the development of an intranet for their organization, and will also be of great interest to a wide range of managers with responsibility for internal communications, personal management, risk management, information management and information technology.
"Martin White has accomplished a great piece of work that will bring a lot of benefit to a lot of intranet managers." - Jane McConnell,
"Highly recommended." - James Robertson
Martin White BSc HonFCLIP FRSC FRSA is Managing Director of Intranet Focus Ltd ( which he founded in 1999. He has carried out over 100 intranet projects in the UK, Europe, North America and the Middle East, run workshops on intranet management and enterprise search management and keynoted at many conferences around the world. He has been a Visiting Professor in the Information School, University of Sheffield since 2002, serves on the e-Content Committee of the Royal Society of Chemistry and is Chairman of the UK e-Information Group of CILIP.
"This is a truly superb book...Martin crams a treasure trove of information into 233 pages. His writing style is concise and easy to digest. I have never found another book that covers intranets in this practical style and so I thoroughly recommend it to intranet managers and their teams, to the senior execs who have the intranet within their purview, and to information management, knowledge management and content management practitioners who may have to deal with intranets, or advise clients on there development." - Jed Cawthorne,