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Libraries Without Walls 5

Libraries Without Walls 5

Peter Brophy | Shelagh Fisher | Jenny Craven


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Distributed learning is now in the mainstream of educational practice. Learning is routinely delivered to citizens in their locality, at home or at work as well as in more formal settings in educational institutions. Supporting such endeavours, professional librarians have moved from the theoretical 'library without walls' of little more than a decade ago to widespread implementation across the world. Information and communications technologies (ICTs) are now almost universally exploited by libraries to deliver their services, utilizing the world wide web as the medium of choice, so that more and more users are accessing services remotely. As a result libraries have broken down the barriers of physical location and take for granted that their services will be delivered to their clients wherever they may be. Ever more sophisticated applications are being launched to meet escalating demand from users. This edited collection is drawn from the fifth Libraries Without Walls Conference, held in 2003, which addressed the key strategic issues arising from international, regional and cross-sectoral approaches to the provision of library services to distant users. It is recognized as the premier resource for all needing to keep updated on distance learner and virtual library issues. These state-of-the-art papers will enable library managers and information professionals in all sectors to keep abreast of the latest developments in this vital area. The book will also assist educational specialists and course developers in increasing their understanding of the role and importance of information in the learning process.
"...The papers included here serve as helpful stand-alone case studies and discourse in delivering services to the distributed learning communities. But by being brought together they interweave; ideas sparked by reading one paper are further provoked and challenged by reading another, resulting in a cumulative effect which leaves the reader with a critical overview of the contemporary issues and practice" - Ariadne
Peter Brophy BSc HonFCLIP FCLIP FRSA ILTM is Professor of Information Management in the Department of Information and Communications, Manchester Metropolitan University, and Director of the Centre for Research in Library and Information Management (CERLIM). Shelagh Fisher is BA MPhil Reader in the Department of Information and Communications, Manchester Metropolitan University. Jenny Craven MA MCLIP is Research Associate at CERLIM, Manchester Metropolitan University.
"...a well-written and timely book, of interest to many LIS workers and with a good international flavour which will illuminate and inspire many LIS practitioners in this country." - New Library World