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The Sage Dictionary of Sociology

The Sage Dictionary of Sociology

Steve Bruce,Steven Yearley


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The SAGE Dictionary of Sociology is undoubtedly the most accessible, readable and downright interesting - even amusing - dictionary of its type. In being all of those things - and more - the Dictionary does not sacrifice on quality. There are many well-chosen entries and they are quite informative. A useful addition to any scholar's library while at the same time being an excellent resource for both graduate and undergraduate students' - George Ritzer, Distinguished Professor, University of Maryland. With over 1000 entries on key concepts and theorists, The SAGE Dictionary of Sociology provides full coverage of the field, clarifying the technical use of apparently common words, explaining the fundamental concepts and introducing new and unfamiliar terms.

Table of Contents

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Introduction: Populism, Peronism and the rift
Néstor Kirchner (2003-2007): a new kind of Peronist
Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, CFK (2007-2015): contentious gains
Afterword: End of an era