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Managing Effective Learning and Teaching:

Managing Effective Learning and Teaching:

Ann R J Briggs and Daniela Sommefeldt


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Presenting the theory underlying management of teaching and learning, as well as discussion of good practice in schools and colleges, the authors of this volume discuss the rationale for learning and teaching though a consideration of curriculum design. This is linked to models of learning and teaching, and the management of contexts for learning, together with the roles and responsibilities of curriculum managers. Examples are drawn from international settings as well as from the United Kingdom, encouraging the reader to explore the context of managing learning and teaching within his//her own institution. The authors provide self-study material, with extensive links to other key texts in the field.

Table of Contents

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Food and packaging
Types of food and prevention of deterioration
Packaging materials
Filling and labelling
Production, re-use and re-cycling of packaging
Implications of introducing packaging
Benefits and costs of food packaging