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Developing Literacy Skills in the Early Years: A Practical Guide

Developing Literacy Skills in the Early Years: A Practical Guide

Hilary White


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This book contains tried-and-tested activities to improve listening, verbal reasoning and language skills in young children and shows how to turn theory into fun, practical ideas for the classroom. The author shows how to link activities to the Early Learning Goals and the National Literacy Strategy and the book includes: o lesson activities using puppets, nursery rhymes, story boxes and picture books. o suggestions for using role-play. o ideas for organizing your play setting to encourage literacy-related play. o assessment guidelines. o photocopiable materials. It is a valuable resource for those working with children aged three to eight years.

Table of Contents

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Prelims (Contents, Foreword by John Snow, Preface, Acknowledgements, Acronyms, Map of South America)
1. Introduction
2. Green gold: Ecuador's banana producers
3. Niche markets: a solution to the coffee crisis?
4. Potatoes and Andean tubers: losing diversity?
5. Quinua and food security
6. Coca eradication and alternative development
7. Wine and Pisco: success or sour grapes?
8. Sheep in Patagonia: blown by the winds of change
9. Forestry and farmers’ livelihoods: making trees pay
10. Conclusions: the need for trade and aid
Back Matter (Notes, Select Bibliography and Reading List, Index)