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Cases in Corporate Governance

Cases in Corporate Governance

Robert Wearing


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With in-depth analysis of nine different cases, several of which have influenced the codes and regulations of corporate behaviour in the UK and America, this book explores the relationship between governance practice and theory. Each case gives readers th

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
1. Let's try it out and see how it works 31
by Ueli Scheuermeier
2. The craft of farming and experimentation . 39
by Arthur Stolzenbach
3. Crazy but not mad 49
by Henri Hocde
4. Innovative farmers in the Punjab 67
by HS. Bajwa, G.S. Gill and 0.P Malhotra
5. Viage-based cassava breeding in Tanzania 83
by Dominick de Waul assisted by ER. Chinjinga, L Johansson,
RE Kanju and N Nathaniels
6. Extension through farmer experimentation in Sudan / 89
by Samia Osman Ishag, Omelnkaa Hassan A1 Fakie, Mohamed Ahmed Adam, /
Ymsir Mohamed Adam, Mzalil Waggan Bremer and Mathias Mogge /'
7. Moulding our own future 109
by Chesha Wettasinha in collaboration with A. K Gunaratna and Padmini Pfthana
start to experiment systematically and to seek options for their own future.
8. Starting with local knowledge in participatory research 115
by Aresawum Mengesha and Martin Bull
9. Tillage research challenges toolmakers in Kenya 127
by David Mellis, Ham'et Skinner Matsaert and Boniface Mwaniki
10. Farmer research brigades in Zaire 139
by Sylvain Mapatano Mulume
I I. Kuturaya: participatory research, innovation and extension 153
by Juurgen Hagmantz Edward Chuma and Kudakwmhe Murwira
12. Why do farmers experiment with animal traction? 177
by Henn Schmitz, Aquiles Simdes and Christian Casellanet
13. Empowering farmers to conduct experiments 199
by Edward Uuddell
14. Farmers' laboratory 209
by Marius Broekema, Jan Diepenbroek and Luppo Diepenbroek
15. Strengthening community capacity for sustainable agriculture 217
by Peter Gubbels
16. Supporting local farmer research committees 245
by Jacqueline Ashbj Teresa Garckz, Manna del Pilar Guerrero,
Carlos Alberto Patiiio, Carlos Arturo Quiroz and Jose Ignacio Roa
I 7 Farmers' study groups in the Netherlands 263
by Natasja Oerlemans, Jet Proost and Joost Rauwhorst
Lessons and challenges for farmerled experimentation