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Rethinking Strategy:

Rethinking Strategy:

Henk W Volberda and Tom Elfring


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This book provides an essential and thoughtful overview of the strategy field, with internationally renowned contributors summarizing the latest directions and developments in strategic management theory. As well as providing a summary and evaluation of the different schools of thought in strategy, the volume offers a synthesis of the American and European approaches. It will be an invaluable companion to advanced courses in strategy and management, used as a reader alongside case material and field studies.

Table of Contents

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1 Introduction: institutionalizing participatory approaches in Ethiopia’s agricultural research system
Kiyoshi Shiratori and Dawit Alemu
Part I The need for Farmer Research Groups in Ethiopia
2 Overview of Farmer Research Group-based participatory research in Ethiopia
Dawit Alemu and Kiyoshi Shiratori
3 FRG-based approach implementation processes: guidelines, training and research
Taku Seo
Part II Experiences of Farmer Research Groups
4 Engaging farmers in technology evaluation and promotion: Farmer Research Groups on common beans in the Central Rift Valley, Ethiopia
Endeshaw Habte, Kidane Tumsa, Berhanu Amsalu Fenta, and Abiy Tilahun
5 Lowering teff seeding rate using a seed spreader via the participatory approach in South Ethiopia
Fanuel Laekemariam, Gifole Gidago and Wondemeneh Taye
6 Participatory evaluation of selected fish processing and preservation technologies: the case of Lake Tana, Ethiopia
Shewit Gebremedhin, Markos Budusa, Adamu Yimer, Minwyelet Mingist, Dereje Tewabe and Zurihun Nigussie
7 Participatory evaluation of farmer-saved and purified seed for improved agronomic performance: wheat, South eastern Tigray
Alem G/tsadik, Kelali Haftu, Yoshiaki Nishikawa, Ibrahim Fitiwy and Taku Seo
8 Improved dairy production and changing gender roles: experience of smallholder FRGs in Melkassa, Central Rift Valley
Bedru Beshir
9 Farmers’ perceived benefits of FRG-based research: the case of selected FRG-based research activities
Shingo Takeda
Part III Institutionalizing Farmer Research Groups in Ethiopia
10 The participatory approach and FRG: the institutionalization process within the Ethiopian agricultural research system
Dawit Alemu and Kiyoshi Shiratori
11 The challenges of FRG-based research: attitudes, capacity and institutional arrangements
Dawit Alemu, Taku Seo, Terutaka Niide, Shingo Takeda, Kiyoshi Shiratori and Yoshiaki Nishikawa
12 Applying the FRG approach in agricultural extension: lessons from the Farmers Research and Extension Group approach
Belay Kassa and Dawit Alemu
Part IV Conclusion
13 Conclusion: Recommendations for strengthening the responsiveness of agricultural research systems
Dawit Alemu, Kiyoshi Shiratori, Taku Seo, and Yoshiaki Nishikawa