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Research Skills for Policy and Development

Research Skills for Policy and Development

Alan Thomas and Giles Mohan


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Unlike a simple 'how to' guide, Research Skills for Policy and Development provides a critique of various methods and situates these approaches within 'real life' organisational settings, enabling those working in or studying development to locate, evaluate and use relevant information quickly but rigorously. The successor to Finding Out Fast (SAGE, 1998) it reflects the changes in development management theories and practice over the last seven years, and includes new material and advice on critical use of the web as a resource and research tool.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Acronyms and Glossary of Spanish and Portuguese words
Map and Latin America in Figures
Chapter 1: The Curse of Wealth
Chapter 2: Promised Land
Chapter 3: A Land in Flames
Chapter 4: Mean Streets
Chapter 5: Growing Pains
Chapter 6: Writing on the Wall
Chapter 7: No Fit State: The State and Politics
Chapter 8: Men at Arms: The Military
Chapter 9: The Left: Guerrillas, Social Movements and the Struggle for Change
Chapter 10: Women's Work: Gender and Politics
Chapter 11: Race Against Time: Indigenous Peoples
Chapter 12: Thy Kingdom Come: The Church
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