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Doing Action Research: A Guide for School Support Staff

Doing Action Research: A Guide for School Support Staff

Claire Taylor,Min Wilkie,Judith Baser


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Most teaching assistants (TAs) studying for Foundation Degrees need to do action research. This book acts as an introduction to research methods, and will be especially useful if you are doing such work for the first time. Using real case studies from practising TAs in primary and early years settings, it provides an overview of the processes involved in action research, showing how to identify an issue, design and carry out a course of action, and evaluate the impact.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
1. Sharing the well: towards sustained eradication of extreme poverty in Bangladesh
Geof Wood and Joe Devine
2. Ending extreme poverty in Bangladesh: trends, drivers, and policies
Binayak Sen and Zulfiqar Ali
3. Leaving no one behind in Bangladesh: the case for a new political settlement
Joe Devine and Geof Wood
4. Guardianship and processes of change: the feminization of extreme poverty in Bangladesh
Mathilde MaƮtrot
5. Financial exclusion and extreme poverty in Bangladesh
Mustafa K. Mujeri
6. Dynamics of regional poverty and real wages: policy implications for development interventions
Shamsul Alam and Kazi Iqbal
7. Agricultural commercialization and employment generation: implications for the extreme poor
K.A.S. Murshid
8. Urbanization and extreme poverty
Nazrul Islam
9. Reforming the social security system for poverty reduction
Sadiq Ahmed
10. Conclusion: sharing the well
Zulfiqar Ali and Geof Wood