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The Gray Whale: Eschrichtius Robustus

The Gray Whale: Eschrichtius Robustus

Mary Lou Jones | Steven L. Swartz | Stephen Leatherwood | Pieter A. Folkens


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The Gray Whale: Eschrichtius robustus provides an introduction to the understanding of Eschrichtius robustus or the gray whale. This book explores the life processes, reproduction, and growth of large cetacean populations.
Organized into four parts encompassing 25 chapters, this book begins with an overview of the gray whale evolution, fossils, and subfossil remains, range, and systematics in historical times. This text then presents the historical of gray whale exploitation and the economic importance of these whales to humans. Other chapters consider the gray whale migration, abundance, and seasonal distribution in the wake of the California population's recovery from depletion. This book discusses as well the methods used in shore-based censuses during migration and in aerial surveys of gray whales taken on their winter grounds. The final chapter deals with some innovative approaches to the study of free-ranging cetaceans.
This book is a valuable resource for anthropologists, paleontologists, biologists, and naturalists.