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Insect-Fungus Interactions

Insect-Fungus Interactions

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The first and only book to summarize this fascinating topic. This symposium volume reviews the current state of knowledge in four principal areas: mycophagy, mutualism, insect spread of plant fungal disease, and insect mycopathology.
The appendix, co-authored with Peter Hammond, alone is worth the price of the volume. This is the first overview of fungus-insect associations in a concise, tractable form.
This volume is an important contribution to the ecology and evolution of fungus-insect associations and to the application of this knowledge to systems of applied interest. It is exceptionally well written, edited, and produced and is a credit to the authors, editors, and sponsoring societies.
The book is a mine of information on the enviornmental occurrence, chemistry, metabolism, toxicology, and carcinogenicity of each substance, all set out systematically....I recommend this book to anyone interested either in the causation of cancer or in enviornmental risks to public health. It is more valuable as a work reference than a shelf of conference proceedings, and will remain so for several years.
This symposium certainly succeeds in its aims and illustrates the many and varied range of interactions from total dependence of insects on fungi as food at one end of the spectrum to the complete reverse at the other.