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Genetics of Bacterial Diversity

Genetics of Bacterial Diversity

David A. Hopwood | Keith F. Chater


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While other texts in this area deal almost solely with the "workhorse strain" Escherischia coli, Genetics of Bacterial Diversity is the first to deal with genetics and molecular biology of the wide range of other bacteria, which carry out a whole spectrum of important scientific, medical, agricultural, and biotechnological activities. Taking genetic diversity as its theme it illustrates a range of interesting phenomena such as genetic systems controlling pathogenicity, symbiosis, chemotaxis, metabolic characteristics, and differentiation. With each chapter written by acknowledged experts, this definitive book contains up-to-the-minute information on this rapidly developing field.
Written by leading experts, this text--aimed at graduate-level students and above--describes the genetics and molecular biology of a wide range of bacteria.
" ideal companion to standard core textbooks on prokaryotic molecular genetics."
"...a most interesting and informative book which will undoubtedly be useful to those involved in research and teaching in this area."
"...probably the best book for advanced students of bacterial genetics at the moment."