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Handbook of Human Vibration

Handbook of Human Vibration

M. J. Griffin


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Today the human body is exposed to vibration not only while traveling but also during leisure and domestic activities and in many occupations. This volume summarizes the current understanding of the many human responses to vibration.
Divided into two parts, this book deals with whole-body vibrations and hand-transmitted vibration. In each part the experimental data and appropriate models are presented in detail so that readers can address practical problems. An extensive guide to national and international standards is provided, and a large multidisciplinary glossary of terms assists in understanding the relevant technical and medical jargon.
This comprehensive reference volume is accessible to all those interested in human vibration: medical doctors, engineers, lawyers, scientists, and health and safety officials and administrators.
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This new text features:
An up-to-date statement of current knowledge on human responses to vibration
A comprehensive glossary of terms in current use in the fields of vibration and human response
An extensive bibliography and guide to national and international standards
By bringing together and organizing a mass of laboratory and field research findings on the effects of whole-body and hand-transmitted vigration on human health and performace, Griffin has made an invaluable contribution to the study and understanding of human vibration. No one with a serious interest in this area can afford not to have ready access to this book.
This book represents a major landmark in the evolution of the subject of human response to vibration. It comprehensively integrates fundamental principles with practical application to provide a complete handbook for student, researcher, and practitioner. The book is well written and clearly presents the rapid development of the subject, especially over the past twenty years...The organization of the book has been clearly thought through...Ten comprehensive appendices of useful supporting material add to the self-contained and complete nature of the text. The material is clearly presented and discussion informed and inspired...No longer does one have to search through separate and diverse publications. The essential human vibration is now in one volume which is undoubtedly the classic work in this area.