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Optical Fiber Rotation Sensing

Optical Fiber Rotation Sensing

William K. Burns | Paul F. Liao | Paul Kelley


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Optical Fiber Rotation Sensing is the first book devoted to Interferometric Fiber Optic Gyros (IFOG). This book provides a complete overview of IFOGs, beginning with a historical review of IFOG development and including a fundamental exposition of basic principles, a discussion of devices and components, and concluding with industry reports on state-of-the-art activity. With several chapters contributed by principal developers of this solid-state device, the result is an authoritative work which will serve as the resource for researchers, students, and users of IFOGs.

  • State-of-the-art industrial activity reports from British Aerospace, Hitachi, Japan Aviation Electronics, Litton Mitsubishi, and Photonectics
  • Excellent tutorial material to promote basic understanding as well full coverage of advanced theoretical and practical aspects of IFOGs
  • Developments allowing for the upgrading of IFOGs from a sensitive laboratory interferometer to a practical rotation sensor
  • The integration of IFOGs with other sensors into complete systems
  • A discussion of alternative forms of IFOGs
  • Present devices, applications, and projected future users