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Bioindicators and Environmental Management

Bioindicators and Environmental Management

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This essential book contains material presented at a September 1990 meeting organized by the Commission for Bioindicators, International Union for Biological Sciences.**A key role of the Commission for Bioindicators (IUBS) is to promote the use of bioindicators in environmental management. This means encouraging the transfer of ideas regarding potential bioindicators, and originating in laboratories, into the harsher realities of field environmental monitoring. Although the concept of biomonitoring is ancient, its application to current monitoring problems is relatively slow to develop.**In a bid to rectify this problem, this invaluable book brings together and discusses approaches developed around the world. It will provide both environmental administrators and research scientists with a valuable sense of proportion of the state of the art in their particular field.

  • Bioindicators and Environmental Management is organized into four sections
  • Bioindicators, industry, and administration
  • Biomonitoring of the Chernobyl accident
  • Monitoring long-term/large-scale environmental trends
  • Basic research in biomonitoring