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Flux Control in Biological Systems

Flux Control in Biological Systems

Ernst-Detlef Schulze


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Comprehending and modelling biomass production, nutrient, and water fluxes in biological systems requires understanding control mechanisms at various levels of organiztion. This new book, with 16 pages of four-colorplates, compares patterns and mechanisms of regulation-starting from enzyme reactions and ending at the population and ecosystem level. By doing so, the book investigates the general principles of how fluxes are adjusted and regulated. Such principles areessential for preparing effective models and for predicting human impacts on ecosystems. Flux Control in Biological Systems: From Enzymes to Populations and Ecosystems will be an essential personal library addition for student and professional environmental biologists, ecologists, physiologists, biochemists, botanists, microbiologists, soil scientists, and zoologists; as well as anyone who investigate patterns of matter and energy transfer in biological systems of different levels of complexity.
* Presents the mechanisms of flux control
* Explains the similarities of flux control at various levels of complexity and organization
* Demonstrates how fluxes are adjusted in complex systems of interacting groups of organisms
The book is well organised. Each chapter has a nicely balanced conclusions section, with a very useful list.
-- T.H. Thomas, IACR Brooms Barn, in PLANT GROWTH REGULATION