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Microcomputer Busses

Microcomputer Busses

R Cram


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Microcomputer Busses provides the necessary introduction to the basic features and capabilities of a range of popular commercial busses. Its main objective is to prepare students in solving engineering problems using the concepts and materials featured in the book.
The first three chapters introduce the basic concepts and principles such as basic bus and transmission-line concepts, comparative analysis of busses, and the process of how a program can give out hardware responses or operations on a bus. The middle section of the book delves more deeply into the different types of computer busses and into the important features of the operation of each bus. The book supplements and simplifies these features. Lastly, the book concludes by illustrating design examples of existing sample boards that are produced commercially.
This book serves as a valuable tool to engineering students. Systems engineers and design engineers can also use this book as reference in designing microcomputer-based systems or in developing system architecture.