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Molecular Mechanisms In Cellular Growth and Differentiation

Molecular Mechanisms In Cellular Growth and Differentiation

A.R. Bellve


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Molecular Mechanisms in Cellular Growth and Differentiation describes the cellular differentiation and development. It emphasizes the pattern formation, specifically the genesis of spatial relationships, among the parts of a vertebrate or invertebrate organism, embryonic or adult.
Organized into five parts, this book deals with the major steps leading from growth factor-receptor interactions, through transduction and modulation mechanisms, to proliferative response. It also discusses the relation of growth factors and their receptors to oncogenes and to protooncogenes. It also elucidates the roles of growth factors and receptors in cell differentiation and development, particularly, in pattern formation. The homeotic systems regulated intracellularly and the two differentiation systems thought to involve sequence-specific DNA-binding proteins in conjunction with small molecules are also explored.