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Control and Dynamic Systems V35: Advances in Control Mechanics Part 2 of 2

Control and Dynamic Systems V35: Advances in Control Mechanics Part 2 of 2

C.T. Leonides


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Advances in Control Mechanics is based on a National Science Foundation-Sponsored Workshop on Control Mechanics, i.e., control system development using analytical methods of mechanics and active control of mechanical systems. Publication of the presentations at this workshop in this Academic Press series has made it possible to expand them into a format which will facilitate the study and utilization of their significant results by working professionals and research workers on the international scene.
This book comprises 13 chapters, with the first focusing on recursive Lyapunov functions, particularly their properties and linear systems. Succeeding chapters tackle topics such as the Lyapunov functional approach to uncertain systems governed by functional differential equations with finite time-lag; and stabilizing discrete control laws for Hamiltonian systems. Other chapters cover component model reduction in canonical correlation coordinates; controlling a flexible plate to mimic a rigid one; the modal stability of imperfect cyclic systems; and simultaneous stabilization via low order controllers. The remaining chapters discuss the use of Liapunov techniques for collision-avoidance of robot arms; avoidance control of a two-point mechanical system; coordination controllers for multi-arm manipulators; MRAC techniques with application to robot manipulators; optimal preview controllers based upon explicit trajectory models; and analysis of a robot dragline for mining.
This book will be of interest to practitioners in the fields of engineering and aeronautics.