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Volcanic Reservoirs in Petroleum Exploration

Volcanic Reservoirs in Petroleum Exploration

Caineng Zou


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The first work of its kind, Volcanic Reservoirs in Petroleum Exploration summarizes the current research and exploration techniques of volcanic reservoirs as a source of oil and gas. With a specific focus on the geological features and development characteristics of volcanic reservoirs in China, it presents a series of practical exploration and evaluation techniques based on this research. Authored by an award-winning petroleum geologist, it introduces exploration and outcome prediction techniques that can be used by scientists in any volcanic region worldwide.

Volcanic reservoirs as new sources of petroleum resources are a hot topic in petroleum exploration. Although volcanic rock cannot generate hydrocarbons, it can serve as a reservoir for hydrocarbons when conditions permit. This book explains the differences between volcanic reservoirs and other major reservoir types, and describes effective methods for examining volcanic distribution and predicting volcanic reservoirs, providing a framework for systematic studies throughout the world.

  • Includes an entire section dedicated to current trends in volcanic prediction and evaluation technology
  • More than 90 full-color photos illustrate the text in greater detail
  • Case studies conclude each chapter, helping scientists apply the book's concepts to real-life scenarios

"In China…volcanic reservoir exploration has gained importance over the past 50 years, and scientists from the Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development here examine some of the common and divergent features that have been identified."--Reference and Research Book News, August 2013