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Frog's Breathtaking Speech

Frog's Breathtaking Speech

Michael Chissick | Sarah Peacock


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Frog is very worried as he has an important speech to make at his school assembly. The speech is about breathing and he doesn't know a thing about it! He asks his friends for help and they teach him all about the lion breath, the crocodile breath, the humming bee breath and the woodchopper breath. Can any of these breathing techniques calm his nerves before the big speech?

This charming illustrated picture book teaches children four yoga breathing techniques in a fun and interactive way. The story successfully increases children's awareness of their breath and shows how breathing can be used to deal with anger, anxiety and tension.

This book will be a great resource for teachers and teaching assistants in mainstream and special needs schools, children's yoga instructors, as well as parents looking for an engaging story to teach their children about coping with difficult emotions and stressful situations.

a neat little book that uses yoga positions and breathing exercises to help with anxiety, anger and tension.
The SL (The School Librarian)
The story - a frog who is trying to overcome his anxieties about giving a speech in front of a large audience - is a highly engaging one, told with impeccable pacing by Michael Chissick and very suitably illustrated by Sarah Peacock. Pitching the tone of this type of book is always tricky, but here I think author, illustrators and publisher have pulled it off really well.
ACHUKA Book Blog
This delightful picture book uses breathing techniques to help 'Frog' manage his anxieties about giving a speech. Clear guidance notes from the authors will empower teachers to try these techniques in the classroom or parents to practice at home with their child. Children will love how the story unfolds and the fun they can have developing new skills. Charming illustrations bring the story to life, as Frog seeks guidance and advice from his supportive friends. The book also offers a great opportunity to explore children's feeling connected to their emotions e.g anxiety and feeling scared. Frog's ultimate success in giving his speech ends the story on a positive note, which will inspire children to learn about breathing techniques and how to use them.
Youth in Mind
Michael's years of working with children and yoga and especially in the field of special needs has enabled him to crystallise his wisdom in this little gem of a book. It is clear, intelligent and well-constructed. The story is engaging and adaptable to any kind of classroom activities as well as a great bedtime read. The approach is practical and unfussy, creative and humane. With lovely illustrations and an "altogether now" type refrain, it is the ideal way to introduce children (and the adults who care for them) to the power of the breath to calm the nerves and focus the mind.
Tara Fraser, Director of Yoga Junction and author of Yoga for You and The Easy Yoga Workbook
(...) this is the first picture book proper that I have seen dealing with breathing techniques in particular... Well worth seeking out.
Red Reading Hub blog - Jill Bennett's Reviews of Children's Books
Author and yoga instructor Michael Chissick incorporates traditional pranayama techniques into this charming tale that will appeal to children of all ages.... Chissick's presentation is entertaining, yet practical. Parents and educators will enjoy this creative resource that teaches children how to manage anxiety, anger, and tension.
Yoga International
It's a wonderful story for children with several talking points and a good read. Lovely illustrations too.
Family Matters
One simple yet important message is given: breathing is a key way of supporting the nature of communication between body and mind, necessary to counter the brain-body dysregulation caused by fear and unmanaged stress. This message is given in a manner that is experiential and tremendous fun!.. Yoga is not alive after 5,000 years for no reason, and the author is a yoga teacher integrating yoga within the mainstream curriculum in schools. I recommend this book to any therapist interested in supporting the holistic development of children. It is particularly important for children whose issues are related to matters such as attachment, trauma, high sensitivity and any difficulty that seems to heighten the inclination of a child to experience unmanaged stress.
Children & Young People Now
The illustrations [in this book] are full of fun and expression, and the repetition in the text is something even the youngest child will enjoy.
Healthy Books