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Inside Transracial Adoption

Inside Transracial Adoption

Gail Steinberg | Beth Hall


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Inside Transracial Adoption provides creative, confident and pro-active guidance on how to build close, loving, and very real families consisting of individuals who are proud and culturally competent members of differing races. Drawing on research and personal experience, Steinberg and Hall offer detailed, step-by-step, get-real guidance for families about tough issues they have to face relating to race and adoption in domestic or international transracial adoptions: What's "normal?" Where do we live and go to school? Does class have an influence? How do children develop racial identity? What kind of impact does being raised by white parents have on a black child? Combining humor with empathy and hard truths, this book is an established classic guide to living Inside Transracial Adoption. It is essential reading for parents and the people who support them: whether considering transracial adoption for the first time or experienced veterans.