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Mentoring in the Early Years

Mentoring in the Early Years

Alison Robins


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'A valuable and timely contribution to the early years field. This will be essential reading for all early years practitioners engaged in practice-based learning and will provide valuable guidance for all mentors in the field-'. Dr Rose Drury, Lecturer in Early Years, The Open University. Mentoring is an important part of good, professional practice. It provides a framework of support for continuous personal and professional development and is integral to the development of quality provision within early years. This book is designed as a guide for all those involved in the mentoring process. The roles of the mentor and practitioners are carefully examined and chapters cover the following: o the role of the mentor. o the characteristics of a good mentor. o how mentoring supports personal and professional development. o the diversity of early years settings and professional roles. o case studies of mentoring in practice. Chapters include: a mixture of relevant theory; practical suggestions; case studies; questions for discussion; activities for personal and professional development; and suggestions for further reading. There are suggestions and examples of materials that may be used and a glossary of key terms.

Table of Contents

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¿Qué es Esfera?
La Carta Humanitaria
Principios de Protección
Norma Humanitaria Esencial
Abastecimiento de Agua, Saneamiento y Promoción de la Higiene (WASH)
Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutrición
Alojamiento y Asentamiento
Anexo 1: Fundamentos jurídicos de Esfera
Anexo 2: El Código de Conducta
Anexo 3: Abreviaciones y Acrónimos