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Creating Gender-Fair Schools, Classrooms and Colleges

Creating Gender-Fair Schools, Classrooms and Colleges

Lynn Raphael Reed, Tina Rae


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For many teachers, gender issues related to role models, image and expectations have an effect upon the behaviour and achievement of both boys and girls, often to their disadvantage. This innovative and practical resource, for teachers of students aged 14-19provides: - a programme to promote gender equality and inclusivity in schools and colleges - a rationale for the programme based on social justice - a practical set of classroom activities to implement the programme. The book adopts an 'action inquiry' methodology - engaging students and staff in the processes of investigating what is currently happening, and planning, implementing and reviewing improvements. This contributes to the development of the school or college as a self-evaluating organisation which listens to the voice of the young person. The programme also supports teachers and other school staff in developing as reflective practitioners, and children and young people in developing as reflective learners.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Currency Conversion Rates
1 Origins and Nature of the AT Movement
2 Definitions and Measurement
3 The Political Economy of Diffusion: The Bread Industry in Kenya
4 The Institutional Framework of AT Development and Diffusion: Brick Manufacture in Three African Countries
5 Developing an Appropriate Policy Environment: Small-Scale Sugar Production
6 The Economics of Small: AT in the Industrially Advanced Countries
7 AT, States and Markets
8 The AT-Enabling State