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Kevin Thinks

Kevin Thinks

Gail Eileen Watts


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Kevin thinks his mum is ridiculous for saying that he is wasting the sunshine and fresh air. As if it would ever run out! Kevin thinks you should always do up the top button. Why else is it there? Kevin thinks his computer brain is awesome because he can remember lots and lots of important facts about outer space, computers and football. Above all, Kevin thinks you should always tell the truth.

Kevin Thinks is the story of a boy with Asperger Syndrome (AS) who sees the world a little...differently! His quirky observations will strike a chord with all those who are familiar with AS, from his special interest in outer space and his aversion to itchy clothes, to his tendency to say exactly what he thinks, regardless of the consequences.

Adorable and insightful, Kevin Thinks is a fun read for children aged 4+ and their parents.

Parents and children will laugh and learn from the amusing and thought-provoking Kevin Thinks by Gail Watts, who writes from personal experience... Kevin Thinks is brilliant for teaching children how to be empathetic and is a gentle, non-comforting and yet eye-opening way to educate them about mental disability. Parents will love the subtleties in the illustrations and better appreciate the nuances of human emotion that seem obvious to us but are complex when seen through the eyes of those like Kevin.
My Child Magazine
With several friends with Asperger children, I now that explaining their child's behaviour to family and friends can be a very draining exercise. I believe that books like Kevin Thinks are a fantastic way to communicate what can be quite a complicated issue. Kevin Thinks is ideal to have on hand as a classroom resource in preschool infants and primary school as well as for families with AS children or anyone with an interest in better understanding the way AS children look at the world around them.
Kids Bookreivew
This is a delightful story with observations from real life events that reveal the logic of children with Asperger Syndrome. The amusing drawings enhance the text and give children an opportunity to work out each scenario in a non-threatening format. You could discuss the book with a child on the spectrum, give it to siblings or friends to help their understanding or just enjoy the gentle humour and celebrate the achievements of these special children. This book is fun to read for all ages and ends with a positive and true message. Highly recommended.
Dr. Sian Hughes (MB Bch MRCP FRACP), Developmental Paediatrician specialising in autism and Coordinator of Eastern Health Autism Program, Victoria, Australia
The story will help to develop empathy and understanding, through its gentle humour, in practitioners unsure of what the condition means, or how children with it see and makes sense of the world.
This clever and clearly illustrated story provides an accessible and valuable resource for mainstream teachers, wishing to convey to their students, the behavioural characteristics of children with Asperger Syndrome. I commend it to mainstream teachers everywhere.
Therese Brophy, Primary School Teacher
A wonderful, humorous and poignant insight into the thinking and experience of a young person with Asperger Syndrome. Each situation opens up an opportunity to question the reason behind 'Kevin's' thinking, thus developing interest and understanding. For all ages.
Val Gill PSM, Principal, Western Autistic School, and CEO Autism Teaching Institute, Victoria, Australia
I care what Kevin Thinks, too! Being the mother of my own 'Kevin' this simple but sensitive book strikes an emotional chord at every turn of the page. An extremely satisfying read, leaving me smiling, reminding me that stressors that can accompany life with 'Kevin' can be clarified by the engaging honesty of these children. The wonderful illustrations especially the facial expressions capture perfectly the feelings of each family member, I see my family in these beautiful characters. My own Kevin commented after reading "He does have some really good points!"
Jackie Horwood, Asperger parent
I thoroughly recommend this book and laughed, in recognition, throughout.
Gail Watts is the mother of three teenage children. She lives in Strathmore, Australia and works as a primary school teacher.
Gail Watts has produced a touching and engaging book that would be very valuable both within families to explain some of the subtleties of AS but also in primary classrooms to explain Asperger and some of the challenges which everyday social situations might present.
this little picture book gives real insight into the mind of a child with Asperger's... The pictures with line drawings of furniture and brightly-coloured square people are fun and very expressive of Kevin's sometime lack of understanding.
healthy Books