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Child Protection Systems in the United Kingdom

Child Protection Systems in the United Kingdom

Anne Stafford | Sharon Vincent | Nigel Parton | Connie Smith



Child protection systems differ across the four countries of the United Kingdom, and understanding the differences provide important opportunities for learning and improving day-to-day practice.

This authoritative book compares UK child protection systems with other systems world-wide as well as scrutinising and comparing the systems in different parts of the UK. Reflecting on the impact of devolution, the authors consider and critically analyse the way child protection systems are being developed, thought about and put into practice in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. An intra-country comparative approach is applied to the main features making up child protection including: policy frameworks, inter-agency guidance, the role of Local Safeguarding Children Boards and Area Child Protection Committees, child deaths and Serious Case Review processes, and vetting and barring legislation and systems. The authors also consider the unique position occupied by England and explore future directions for child protection across the UK.

This important book will be of considerable interest to child welfare policy makers, academics, researchers, practitioners and students.

The book... sets out how, despite ever deepening devolution, England continues to set the context within which the developed nations operate. In essence, apart from the Scottish children hearings system, there is little to differentiate child protection policy and practice across the UK, though this may well change. As with all of Nigel Parton's work, this is an interesting and informative read.
Professional Social Work.
Anne Stafford is Director of The University of Edinburgh/NSPCC Centre for UK-wide Learning in Child Protection (the Centre), University of Edinburgh, UK. She has worked in the areas of children and child protection policy and practice for many years and has written and researched extensively in this area. Nigel Parton is NSPCC Professor in Applied Childhood Studies, University of Huddersfield, UK and Visiting Professor at the Centre. He has been writing and researching in the areas of child protection and child welfare for over 30 years. Sharon Vincent is Research Fellow at the Centre and has been involved in research relating to child protection and child welfare for over 10 years. Connie Smith is Research and Policy Analyst at the Centre and has worked in policy and research both in the public and voluntary sectors for many years.
Very impressive book. It is certainly a book that should be read by those who are involved in the studying of child protection or involved in its practice... It is a very readable book took with the text written in a way that allows the reader to follow the logic of the authors. I certainly recommend its reading.
Journal of Social Welfare & Family Law