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Core Social Work

Core Social Work

Willem Blok


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It is important for practising and trainee social workers to have a full understanding of the work they do and its role in society.

This book provides an introduction to 'the essentials' of social work. Written from an international perspective, the author details the core theory, values and practice which unite social workers around the world. He covers professional standards, social work education and training and social work structures, and outlines a vision of the future of social work: where it is now, and what needs to be done to protect its identity.

This accessible text will be required reading for social work professionals and students.

This important book by Willem Blok brings a fresh but closely considered perspective to important aspects of social work practice… It is fair to say that this book bears the fruit of many years of research and practice experience much of which the author gleaned through international perspectives and travels…This book is a welcome contribution and will be a most useful guide for students of social work and its practitioners. I would like to hope that student and practitioners of social work invest time in reading it carefully from cover to cover.
From the Foreword by Stephen A. Webb, Professor of Human Sciences, University of Newcastle, Australia
Willem Blok is senior lecturer of social work studies at the NHL University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. He is a qualified social worker and sociologist and has lectured and worked around the world.
I felt the book provided a great overview and foundation for any social work student or practiti0ner - a solid introduction to the essentials, history, development, context and key issues. it provides an excellent framework for discussion, additional input, further development, coordination and strengthening of the profession, going forward in an increasingly international context.... Mr Blok did an excellent job and I would not be without his book in my small library of essentials.
IASW - Irish Social Workers
This is an important book, one that reminds us that in other areas of the world social work is more properly regarded as a profession, rather than the managerial dominated, bureaucratic people-processing situation that exist in the UK...This is a thoughtful and stimulating book.
PSW - Professional Social Work
The combination of the familiar and less familiar in an international context makes this a 'must' for inclusion on any core social work reading list. Willem Blok's readable and accessible style will appeal to students seeking to understand complex theoretical ideas. Most importantly the reader will come away equipped to enter the critical debate on the current state of social work and its future direction.
Martin Sheedy, Senior Lecturer in Social Work, Liverpool John Moores University, UK
Students will benefit from reading this fresh approach to social work and educators will find in it many resources on which they can draw in their teaching.
British Journal of Social Work