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Unraveling Environmental Disasters

Unraveling Environmental Disasters

Daniel A. Vallero | Trevor M. Letcher


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Unraveling Environmental Disasters provides scientific explanations of the most threatening current and future environmental disasters, including an analysis of ways that the disaster could have been prevented and how the risk of similar disasters can be minimized in the future.

  • Named a 2014 Outstanding Academic Title by the American Library Association's Choice publication
  • Treats disasters as complex systems
  • Provides predictions based upon sound science, such as what the buildup of certain radiant gases in the troposphere will do, or what will happen if current transoceanic crude oil transport continues
  • Considers the impact of human systems on environmental disasters

"This important, clearly written, well-organized book addresses a confluence of significant global issues and brings them into focus. Vallero…and Letcher…examine engineering failures within the context of generating environmental disasters…The book addresses related issues of sustainability, anthropogenic global warming, pesticide use and its impact on the food chain, vinyl chloride production, etc…Summing Up: Essential."--CHOICE Reviews Online, January 2014