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Organizing and Managing Your Research

Organizing and Managing Your Research

Renata Phelps, Kath Fisher and Allan Ellis


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By providing practical advice and tips on organisational strategies and management tools, Organizing and Managing Your Research is an essential guide for research students and professional researchers who want to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their day-to-day research practice. Written in an accessible and non-technical style, this text gives practical advice and offers many tips and strategies gleaned from experienced researchers. The book is accompanied by a website that provides downloadable templates and live links to appropriate sites.

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Prelims [Acknowledgements| Preface]
1 Vulnerability, disasters and housing in Peru
2 Research and application of earthquake-proof technology
3 Practical Action’s post-disaster reconstruction work in the Amazon, highland and coastal regions of Peru
4 Lessons and recommendations for disaster risk management and reconstruction
5 Guide to the post-disaster intervention method