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Evidence-Based Policy:  A Realist Perspective

Evidence-Based Policy: A Realist Perspective

Ray Pawson


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In this important book, Ray Pawson examines the recent spread of evidence-based policy-making across the Western world. He examines the methodological assumptions that lie behind this drive for government departments, academic research projects and NGOs to adopt an evidence-based approach, when so little has been done to ask what works in an evidence-based context. The book sets out on a search for best practice in evidence-based research and policy-making, and examines the longer-term weight of evidence that can be accrued from evaluating the outcome of such studies from around the world.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
A note on language
Part 1: Introduction
Why this book?
Setting out the issues:
an interview with B.Venkatesh
Part 2: The issues
The experience of disability
The politics of disability: what is at stake?
Disability and development: the basics
Towards social action
Language and numbers
Part 3: Case studies
Zanzibar: starting from scratch on CBR and Social action
Zimbawe: forming a disability movement
India: social action in a highly complex society
Jordan and the occupied territories: community action with disabled children in refugee camps
Lebanon: rebuilding civic consciousness
Part 4: Conclusions
Disability and liberation
Appendix: some organisations dealing with disability and development
Suggestions for further reading