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Key Concepts in  Early Childhood Education and Care

Key Concepts in Early Childhood Education and Care

Cathy Nutbrown


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'This is a text that is comprehensive in its scope and written in a highly accessible style. It provides an informed and stimulating insight into the key concepts and issues in early years that will captivate readers' -. Jonathan Doherty, Leeds Metropolitan University. Cathy Nutbrown details key issues identified in a survey of over 300 practitioners in the field and provides reading and reference sources to assist practitioners and students in identifying further material to support their work. The book includes origins and definitions, research issues, examples from practice, references and indicative further reading.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Development and the Learning Organisation: an introduction 1
Operationalising bottom-up learning in international NGOs: barriers and alternatives 22
Should development agencies have Official Views? 40
Engendering organisational practice in NGOs: the case of Utthan 58
Organisational learning: a borrowed toolbox? 76
Making the organisation learn: demystification and management action 89
Achieving successful academic-practitioner research collaborations 110
Knowledge to action: evaluation for learning in a multi-organisational global partnership 121
Guest learning and adaptation in the field: a Navajo case study 132
Can bilateral programmes become learning organisations? Experiences from institutionalising participation in Keiyo Marakwet in Kenya 152
A chocolate-coated case for alternative international business models 169
Learning leaders: the key to learning organisations 190
Leading learning and change from the middle: reconceptualising strategy's purpose, content, and measures 205
The struggle for organisational change - how the Action Aid Accountability, Learning and Planning System emerged 225
Heifer International: growing a learning organisation 242
'New learning in old organisations': children's participation in a school-based nutrition project in western Kenya 261
Organisational learning in NGOs: an example of an intervention based on the work of Chris Argyris 277
Mainstreaming disaster mitigation: challenges to organisational learning in NGOs 294
The learning process of the Local Capacities for Peace Project 303
Humanitarian principles and organisational culture: everyday practice in Medecins Sans Frontieres-Holland 316
Perceptions and practices of monitoring and evaluation: international NGO experiences in Ethiopia 332
Learning from complexity: the International Development Research Centre's experience with Outcome Mapping 356
Modelling learning programmes 366
Learning for change: the art of assessing the impact of advocacy work 373
Resources 388
Index 412