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Positive Organizational Behavior

Positive Organizational Behavior

Debra Nelson,Cary L Cooper


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Positive Organizational Behaviour constitutes the study of positive human strengths and competencies: how it can be facilitated, assessed and managed to improve performance in the workplace. Its roots are firmly within positive psychology but transplanted to the world of work and organizations, but should be read by anyone who is interested in extending their knowledge of this field.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
* Preface
Deborah Eade
* Introduction
Melakou Tegegn
* Patriarchal pot and the evaporation of gender-olicies
Sara Hlupekile Longwe
* Africa libraries and the consumption and production of knowledge
Paul Tiyambe Zelesa
* Collaboration with the South:agents of aid or solidarity?
Firoze Manji
* Partners and beneficiaries: questioning donors
Richard Moseley-Williams
* NGOs and social change: agents or facilitators?
Jenny Pearce
* Depoliticizing development: the uses and abuses of participation
Sarah White
* People's empowerment from the people's perspective
Karawunathie Menike
* Development projects, organizations and professionals
David Craig
* Sustainable development at the sharp end
Cecile Jackson
* Building partnerships between Northern and Southern NGOs: issues for the 1990s
Alan Fowler
* World Bank country assistance strategies: a story from Mexico
Carols Heredia and Mary Purcell
* On being evaluated: tensions and hopes
Movimento de Organizacao Communitaria
* Sustainability is not about money
Deryck Brown
* Annotated bibliography