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Doing Quantitative Research in Education:with SPSS

Doing Quantitative Research in Education:with SPSS

Daniel Muijs


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This is an accessible introduction to using quantitative methods in educational research. Writing for non-mathematical students and avoiding the use of mathematical formulae where possible, this introductory text is ideal for students and researchers with no prior knowledge of quantitative methods.

Table of Contents

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Part 1
Introduction: War and peace: what do women
Haleh Afshar
The 'sex war' and other wars: towards a feminist approach to peace building
Donna Pankhurst
Women and wars: some trajectories towards a feminist peace
Haleh Afshar
Developing policy on integration and re/construction in Kosova
Chris Corrin
Kosovo: missed opportunities, lessons for the future
Lesley Abdela
Training the uniforms: gender and peacekeeping operations
Angela Mackay
Palestinian women, violence, and the peace process
Maria Holt
Women and conflict transformation: influences, roles, and experiences
Ann Jordan
Fused in combat: gender relations and armed conflict
Judy El-Bushra
Women in Afghanistan: passive victims of the borga or active social participants?
Elaheh Rostami Povey
Part 2
Introduction: Peace and reconstruction - agency and agencies
Deborah Eade
Relief agencies and moral standing in war: principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality, and solidarity
Hugo Slim
Aid: a mixed blessing
Mary B. Anderson
Women and war: protection through empowerment in El Salvador
Martha Thompson and Deborah Eade
Sustainable peace building in the South: experiences from Latin America
Jenny Pearce
Training for peace
Glenda Caine
Making peace as development practice
Sumaya Farhat-Naser and Gila Svirsky
Building bridges for peace
Rola Hamed
Human security and reconstruction efforts in Rwanda: impact on the lives of women
Myriam Gervais
Mission impossible: gender, conflict, and Oxfam GB
Suzanne Williams