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Psychology and Sociology Applied to Medicine E-Book

Psychology and Sociology Applied to Medicine E-Book

Beth Alder | Edwin van Teijlingen | Michael Porter


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This textbook in the Illustrated Colour Text series offers an integrated treatment of sociology and psychology for medical students. It is presented in a much more colourful and graphic format than is usual for books on these two subjects. This integration reflects the tendency to teach these two subjects together as “behavioural science”, with an increased stress on the place of medicine in society, and on illness as a product of psychological and social circumstances rather than merely a biological phenomenon. The book reflects these trends and has been successful and popular with students.

  • An integrated treatment of psychology and sociology for medical students - in line with the trend towards teaching these subjects as “behavioural sciences“.
  • Use of case studies and”Stop/Think” boxes encourages critical thinking and discussion.
  • Graphic Illustrated Colour Text presentation style enlivens a subject which most medical students are not keen on.
This third edition contains a new introduction on the importance and key features of the biopsychosocial model and additional double-page spreads on International Health and Rural Health.