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A History of Immunology

A History of Immunology

Arthur M. Silverstein


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Written by an immunologist, A History of Immunology traces the concept of immunity from ancient times up to the present day, examining how changing concepts and technologies have affected the course of the science. It shows how the personalities of scientists and even political and social factors influenced both theory and practice in the field. With fascinating stories of scientific disputes and shifting scientific trends, each chapter examines an important facet of this discipline that has been so central to the development of modern biomedicine. With its biographical dictionary of important scientists and its lists of significant discoveries and books, this volume will provide the most complete historical reference in the field.

  • Written in an elegant style by long-time practicing immunologist
  • Discusses the changing theories and technologies that guided the field
  • Tells of the exciting disputes among prominent scientists
  • Lists all the important discoveries and books in the field
  • Explains in detail the many Nobel prize-winning contributions of immunologists

"Arthur Silverstein's A History of Immunology is sure to be the standard in the field upon which future efforts will be based... A comprehensive overview of the development of the major concepts of the discipline that is both descriptive and analytical... It is a fine piece of scholarship for all to enjoy and will undoubtedly form an indispensable starting point for future scholars who wish to examine the development of knowledge about the phenomenon of the immune response."
--Dexter Howard in ACADEMIC MEDICINE