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Advances in Cancer Research

Advances in Cancer Research

George F. Vande Woude | George Klein



This volume contains reviews highlighting some of the most important achievements in understanding the molecular basis of cancer. Included are reviews on human papilloma virus and tumor suppressor gene products, the function of SH2 and SH3 domains in tyrosine kinase signal transduction, oncogene activation in mammary tumors, the phenotypes of polyoma middle T antigen in transgenic animals, and the role of protein kinase C and FCg receptors in neoplastic disease. Transgenic animal models for the study of molecular events in cancer are especially featured in these reviews.
* Highlights of Volume 64:
* Interactions of papilloma virus proteins with tumor suppressors
* Retinoblastoma tumor suppressor protein
* SH2 and SH3 domains in tyrosing kinase signal transduction
* Oncogene activation in mammary tumors
* Polyomavirus middle T antigen phenotypes in transgenic animals
* Protein kinase C and FCg receptors in neoplastic disease
* Transgenic mouse models for molecular carcinogenesis
"This classic and essential series presents critical overviews on select aspects of both cancer research and the basic underlying sciences."
"Excellent, highly informative, in-depth reviews... expertly written, up-to-date, and well-referenced."
"Oncologists as well as other researchers and clinicians employing interferon will find this survey of interest."