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Novel Anticancer Agents

Novel Anticancer Agents

Alex A. Adjei | John K. Buolamwini


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Novel Anticancer Agents offers pertinent basic science information on strategies used for the rational design and discovery of novel anticancer agents, and, in addition, translational studies involving clinical trial design and execution with these novel, mostly cytostatic agents. This book covers basic science strategies that are being used in drug discovery and preclinical evaluation focused on novel molecular targets, as well as clinical trial methodology including clinical pharmacokinetics and imaging to address issues of efficacy evaluation of the new, relatively non-cytotoxic anticancer agents.

At present, there is no book that provides such an integration of basic and clinical studies of novel anticancer agents, covering both drug discovery and translational research extensively.

  • Addresses the critical issues involved in the development of novel agents for cancer therapy by experts in the field
  • Presents drug discovery strategies
  • Discusses regulatory issues surrounding drug development

"This book is well-conceived and well-presented. The editors have done an excellent job gathering experts in cancer research to contribute to a book that offers a truly integrative overview of basic and clinical aspects of cancer chemotherapeutic agents."
--John D. Robertson, University of Kansas Medical Center in DOODY'S (June 2006)