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Principles of Regenerative Biology

Principles of Regenerative Biology

Bruce M. Carlson


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With the explosion of knowledge from molecular biology and the burgeoning interest in generating or regenerating tissues or organs through various bioengineering or stem cell approaches, many scientists and students have shown a renewed interest in the phenomenon of regeneration. Because relatively few have had the luxury of being able to approach the phenomenon of regeneration from a broad biological perspective, Dr. Carlson has produced a book that outlines the fundamental principles of regeneration biology. Subject matters focus principally on regeneration in vertebrate systems, but also invertebrate regeneration. In order to manipulate regenerative processes, it is important to understand the underlying principles of regeneration. Principles of Regnerative Biology is the key introductory reference for all developmental biologists, geneticists, and tissue and stem cell researchers.

  • Creates a general understanding of one of the most fascinating and complex phenomena in biology
  • Discusses the ability and diversity of regeneration in various organisms
  • Explains the history and origins of cells in regenerating systems
  • Includes information on stem cells and its important role in regeneration

"The book by Dr. Carlson is a comprehensive manual in the extensive field of biological science dealing with the phenomenon of regeneration and, in particular, with basic mechanisms of tissue and organ repair and restoration in a wide range of animal species, from invertebrates to humans. Being one of the oldest fields in biology, it has recently been recognized as a new field referred to as regenerative biology (or regeneration biology) and has come to the forefront of relevance in view of the demand of modern medicine for the development of new cellular and molecular approaches to the treatment of pathological states, repair of damage from injuries, etc. In this context, the book provides an insight into the fundamentals of this phenomenon in light of the most recent findings is a substantial contribution to the advancement of regenerative biology…progress in regenerative biology. The clarity of the text, which is enhanced by numerous illustrations in color, and rational distribution of the material by chapters and sections make this book an excellent resource for readers in regenerative biology and related fields."--Russian Journal of Developmental Biology 2010 Volume 41, No. 6