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Vital Soil

Vital Soil

P. Doelman | H.J.P. Eijsackers


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Healthy soil, with active soil life, deters long-term soil degradation and ensures that geo-physical processes are undisturbed. Is the vitality of soil under threat due to human civilization? Or is it due to contamination, intensification, and deforestation? Vital Soil aims to look at the effects society is having on soil and contains contributions from recognized experts in soil science.
* Function and value of vital soils
* Detailed information on how to prevent soil from irreversible stresses
* Articles on soil life aiming to bridge the gap between science and practice from experienced and well known contributors
"...a 'must read' for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in soil ecology and management and researchers in all fields related to soil processes."
-David C. Coleman, Institute of Ecology, University of Georgia, Ecology Annex, Athens, USA
"...a strong foundation of issues relevant for protection of soils around the world."
-A.J. Franzluebbers, USA- Agricultural Research Service, Watkinsville, Georgia, U.S.A., in AGRICULTURAL SYSTEMS
"This book presents a new integrated approach to soil science through a well structured, critical and easy to follow approach."
"...the subject complexity has been well handled overall, and as such the book should be a valuable source of information."
-Maja Krzic, University of British Columbia, for AGRICULTURE, ECOSYSTEMS AND ENVIRONMENT, 2005