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Shooting Incident Reconstruction

Shooting Incident Reconstruction

Lucien C. Haag


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Shooting Incident Reconstruction is based on the authors' numerous years of conducting courses and seminars on the subject of shooting incident reconstruction. It seeks to thoroughly address matters from simple to complex in order to provide the reader with an explanation of the factors surrounding ballistics, trajectory, and shooting scenes.

The ultimate objectives of this unique book are to assist investigators, crime scene analysts, pathologists, ballistics experts, and lawyers to understand the terminology, science, and factors involved in reconstructing shooting incident events to solve forensic cases.

The book covers a full range of related topics, including the range from which a firearm was discharged; the sequence of shots in a multiple discharge shooting incident; the position of a firearm at the moment of discharge; the position of a victim at the moment of impact; the probable flight path of a projectile; the manner by which a firearm was discharged, and much more. It contains over 100 diagrams and photographs, many in full-color, that support and illustrate key concepts.

- Written by one of the most well-respected shooting scene and ballistics experts in the world
- Contains over 100 diagrams and photographs, many in full-color, that support and illustrate key concepts
- Case studies illustrate real-world application of technical concepts
“Shooting Incident Reconstruction is an informative and comprehensive guide to the analysis of firearms at crime scenes ranging from accidental injuries to carefully planned murders...”– Law Enforcement Technology
In creating this book, author Lucien C. Haag drew from years of experience in the field…- American Rifleman
…Gun enthusiasts will find much of this book of interest... - American Rifleman