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The Flaviviruses: Pathogenesis and Immunity

The Flaviviruses: Pathogenesis and Immunity

Karl Maramorosch | Aaron J. Shatkin | Frederick A. Murphy | Thomas J. Chambers | Thomas P. Monath


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Over 50% of known flaviviruses have been associated with human disease. The Flavivirus genus constitutes some of the most serious human pathogens including Japanese encephalitis, dengue and yellow fever. Flaviviruses are known for their complex life cycles and epidemic spread, and are considered a globally-emergent viral threat.
Pathogenesis and Immunity, the second volume of The Flaviviruses, examines the processes by which the flaviviruses cause disease, the different cytopathic effects and the associated immunopathological responses produced in their hosts.
* Comprehensive approach to the scientific disciplines needed to unravle the complexities of virus-host interactions.
* New, detailed information on the pathogenesis and immunology of the Flavivirus family.
* Descibes the technologies that have contributed to our current knowledge about the Flaviviruses.
* Identifies the major problems faced in attempting to further understand the virus-host interactions that result in disease.
* An exhaustive compendium of current and past knowledge on the Flavivirus family
" essential series of books that belongs on every arbovirologists’ bookshelf."
-Stephen Higgs, Ph.D., University of Texas Medical Branch, U.S. (2004)