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Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy

Raymond Murray


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Nuclear Energy is one of the most popular texts ever published on basic nuclear physics, systems, and applications of nuclear energy. This newest edition continues the tradition of offering a holistic treatment of everything the undergraduate engineering student needs to know in a clear and accessible way. Presented is a comprehensive overview of radioactivity, radiation protection, nuclear reactors, waste disposal, and nuclear medicine.
• New coverage on nuclear safety concerns following 9/11, including radiation and terrorism, nuclear plant security, and use of nuclear techniques to detect weapons materials
• New facts on nuclear waste management, including the Yucca Mountain repository
• New developments in the use of nuclear-powered systems for generating cheap and abundant hydrogen from water using nuclear technology
• New information on prospects for new nuclear power reactors and their applications for electricity and desalination
• New end-of-chapter Exercises and Answers, lists of Internet resources, and updated references.
• New instructor web site including Solutions to Exercises and PowerPoint slides
• New student web site containing computer programs for use with Computer Exercises