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Perspectives for Agroecosystem Management:

Perspectives for Agroecosystem Management:

Peter Schroder | J. Pfadenhauer | J. Munch



Sustainable agriculture is a key concept for scientists, researchers, and agricultural engineers alike.
This book focuses on the FAM- project (FAM Munich Research Network on Agroecosystems) of the 1990s as a means to assessing, forecasting, and evaluating changes in the agroecosystems that are necessary for agricultural sustainability. The management of two separate management systems: an organic and an integrated farming system are described to provide an interdisciplinary approach Changes of matter fluxes in soils, changes of trace gas fluxes from soils, precision farming in a small scale heterogen landscape, influence of management changes on flora and fauna, as well as the development of agroecosystem models, the assessment of soil variability and the changes in nutrient status are important aspects of this book.
* Contains detailed results and insight of a long-time project on agricultural sustainability
* Provides an interdisciplinary approach for comprehensive understanding by scientists and researchers of soil, plants, agriculture, and environment
* Includes an international perspective